Gel Overlay

What is a Gel Overlay?

For a gel overlay, we use a strong sculpting gel that we apply to the natural nail for added strength. 

What is the difference between Gel Polish and a Gel Overlay?

Gel overlay is a step-up from gel polish in regards of strength. We still use gel polish to add the colour but the base layers of the polish are done with the sculpting gels instead of gel polish to add even more strength.

What polish is best for me?

It all depends on the level of strength your nails need or that you prefer. In order of strength from least to most, they are: regular polish, gel polish, gel overlay, and dip. 

How often do I come for an overlay?

Similar to gel polish, we recommend coming every two weeks for an overlay fill. After 2 fills we will remove (same way we remove gel and dip) and apply a fresh overlay.