Dip Polish

What is Dip Polish?

Dip is an alternative no-chip nail system for a long lasting. It is an air-dry, soak off option that does not require a curing period in a UV/LED lamp. 

What is the difference between gel and dip?

Dip powder has extroardinary strength compared to gel polish. NOTE: due to the extreme strength of dip, it does apply thicker on the nail compared to a typical gel or regular manicure. 

How often should I have dip removed and reapplied?

We recommend coming back in 2-3 weeks to have your dip manicure removed properly by us and then reapplied. 

What is the removal process?

We will buff down the manicure, removing the top coat, then apply removal pads soaked in acetone and leave on for approximately 25-30 minutes. This will dissolve the product and remove it without damaging your natural nails. Please DO NOT pick, peel, or pry the polish off yourself, this can result in damage to your natural nails. 

Which polish is best for me?

It all depends on the level of strength your nails need or that you prefer. In order of strength from least to most, they are: regular polish, gel polish, gel overlay, and dip.