Brow Lamination

What is brow lamination?

Brow Lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that realigns the direction of brow hair and creates an instant look of added volume, fullness and fluffiness! Lasting 3-5 weeks.

Does brow lamination cause hair damage?

Brow Lamination was created to bridge the gap and provide artists with a specialized brow lamination system complete with customized ingredients and strengths which have been specifically formulated and balanced for use on brow hair. The formula is designed to perfectly shape and set brow hair without over processing, while maintaining a PH level which remains gentle on sensitive facial skin.

What do i need to do for after care?

  • Do not wet your brows for 24-48 hours

  • Avoid touching the brow area to the risk of transferring oils

  • Do not apply makeup to the brows for 24-hours post-treatment

  • Do not apply Retin A, AHA or exfoliate the brow area for 72-hours before or after the treatment

  • Do not use any self-tanning products on the face for at least 48-hours post-treatment

  • Comb the hairs into place each day