Body Waxing

Can I still come in for my wax if it is that time of the month?


If it is that time of the month, waxing services can still happen but please wear a tampon and tuck the string.

What is the difference between waxing and shaving?


Waxed hair grows in thinner and softer, including underarm hair. When you shave you are prone to itching, prickles and dark stubble.

How long will it take for my hair to grow back?


Depending on the person; everyone’s hair growth cycle is different, but on average most people stay smooth for 1-3 weeks. Hair grows in stages and in each shaft three hairs can grow at different rates. You will get better results the longer you wait so that more of your hair is long enough for smoother removal. You will notice that after a few Brazilian or Bikini waxes, your hair will start to grow in much finer and you will also notice that your hair will start to grow back a lot slower.

Can I get a facial and facial waxing on the same day?

Under no circumstance will we perform a Skin Treatment the same day you have had any facial waxing as it is a form of exfoliation and combined with a Skin Treatment (which includes a professional grade exfoliation segment) could lead to irritation or peeling. It is always recommended to book a Skin Treatment or waxing and on different days.

Is it normal for my skin to be red post wax?

You may notice redness after you have been waxed for up to 24 hours. If your skin stays red or irritated any longer please contact us.

How long should my hair be?

For any brazilian or bikini waxing service, the hair should be approximately 1-2 cm long. This is the ideal length for the wax to stick and the hair to come out nice and easy from the root. Make sure to trim if the hair is too long to aid with removal.

Is there any medications I need to avoid before my wax?

Make sure you are not on any Vitamin A medications such as; Retin-A, Renova, Isoretionin, Differin, Accutane or other acne medications. THESE MEDICATIONS WEAKEN THE SKIN AND MAY CAUSE IT TO TEAR.

Is there anything I should do before my wax appointment?

Exfoliating the night before helps prep the hair so it is removed easily from the root.

What should I do after my wax?

Post waxing solutions will aid in keeping your skin calm, smooth and hydrated in order to prevent any ingrown hairs after you have been waxed. We sell in grown hair solutions for your convenience.